The Mesmerized Bunny Effect

Why do people go 'aah' when they see someone go at a boombox voice "with this bionic hand, you can open a bottle of water"? I mean, you can open that bottle in all varieties of ways, not just with cheap electronics sold for a gagazillion. I open stuff without prosthesis, with the hook, with a hand, I have asked other people to open a bottle for me - however I go about it, it'll be open in the end.

Why do people think of "all the things one can do" with some new hip rendy thing but really, they are feature blind? Really they completely overlook that there are in fact no really relevant new features?

Because of the Mesmerized Bunny Effect.

Intuition is not what it seems and they'll ream you for it. They will take every last penny if you don't pay attention.

What goes past our analytic mind?

Obviously, myoelectric prostheses today combine minimal amounts of technology from decade ago with the expectation of a far away tomorrow and prices that are way over yonder. Exactly that is the business that leads to production of some electric parts and some plastic stuff being sold for a staggering 8'000, 15'000 or 78'000 CHF.

If looking at squeaking model building electronics still has you go 'aah' try to take you eyes off this:

Air Art from flip on Vimeo.

With this fascinating demo in mind, watch this and marvel at the absence of distractive fascination yet raw power:

So. Don't confuse science fiction, promise and reality.

Besides, people go 'aah' even more when they see bionic hand function - but when that function is dead silent and dead sleek. Such as the Becker hand.

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