V2P Prehensor - nitrile glove fingers as winter tyres

To allow for a firm rubbery cover that I can cheaply replace I removed the factory issue rubber that covered the V2P Prehensor claws and cut up nitrile glove fingers (make: Atlas 370).

Here's how.

How to set up claw I

For the first claw (the one without the ratchet), I cut up a glove so the finger part continues into two long flaps.

The finger then gets pulled over the claw. The flaps serve to install it under tension.

See how I hold the flaps in place? They are under tension (note the sly advertising for the Becker Imperial hand here).

A first fix mount of the flaps using black insulation tape.

How to set up claw II

The second claw (the one with the ratched) is equipped with a glove finger that has slightly shorter flaps.

Similarly, the flaps are used to pull the finger into place.


These are from a similar but earlier finger mount using a slightly differently colored glove.

Wear and tear

After a while and with frequent typing (without using a pencil), the tips get used up:

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