Medgadget 2009 Finalist - [web vote]

MedGadget currently conducts their 2009 MedBlog Awards.


The categories are:

  • Best Medical Weblog (I follow one of this category’s nominees)
  • Best New Medical Weblog (established in 2009) (my favorite didn’t make the finalist list)
  • Best Literary Medical Weblog (I follow three of these)
  • Best Clinical Sciences Weblog
  • Best Health Policies/Ethics Weblog (I follow one of these)
  • Best Medical Technologies/Informatics Weblog
  • Best Patient’s Blog

This blog made it into the final list. If you would not mind, please check them out and maybe read some of these.

So I am very much aware of the fact that upper extremity amputees are neither 'patients' (more 'disabled', 'affected' or maybe 'concerned' than 'patients') and so this isn't even a 'patient's blog'.

On top of that, we are a tiny community - too tiny to count also among the disabled or ill. Actually it is our problem that even in the field of orthopedics, we simply do not count.

With some simple incidence figures, we can estimate an expected outcome of this vote for community size estimates:

Some incidence figures [rough Google-based approximations]:

Depression ~15-25%
Social phobia ~3.7%

Post-traumatic stress disorder ~3.6%
Generalized anxiety disorder ~2.8%
Obsessive-compulsive disorder ~2.3%
Autoimmune disorders ~ 1%

Diabetes ~ 0.6%
Post-partum mood swings ~40% of women after childbirth so overall ~ 0,3%
Parkinson's disease ~0.2%
Multiple sclerosis: ~ 0.1%
Borderline personality disorder ~0.07%
Rheumatoid arthritis ~0.07%

Lower extremity amputation ~0.03%
Upper extremity amputation ~0.002%

So let us run these incidence figures against the actual votes to see who, relative to the community size, got the most votes:

Blog Diagnosis Incidence estimate [%] Votes[%] Votes/Incidence estimate ratio Absolute rank Relative rank
Wheelchair Kamikaze Multiple sclerosis ~0.1% 46% 460 1 2
Six Until Me Diabetes ~0.6% 35% 59 2 3
Postpartum Progress Post-partum mood swings ~0.3% 8% 26 3 6
itis Rheumatoid arthritis ~0.07% 3% 42 4/5 4/5
Queen of Optimism Autoimmune disorder ~1% 3% 3 4/5 7
Rheuma Blog Rheumatoid arthritis ~0.07% 3% 42 6 4/5
technical right below elbow amputee issues upper extremity amputation ~0.002% 2% 1000 7 1

So measured against the quantitative (un)importance of our relative communities, this blog site rocks. Thanks for your support and interest, guys.

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