V2P Prehensor - activities of daily living ADL - vacuum cleaner operation

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Vaccum cleaner handling. A simple task, but not too easy on the grip. This one has been utterly failed by a number of devices by Otto Bock and it is a bitch to do without wearing a prosthesis. The Becker Lock Grip is not bad here but the V2P Prehensor literally glues to my vacuum cleaner's brush part that I am cleaning.

Vaccum cleaning is a cool task to benchmark prosthetic setups. Not if you are just schubsing (lovingly pushing) it around the house - but if you start to actually handle the device: lift it, carry it, clean the stairs, and get to work and then we're talking.

There are a number of things people use to parade their new prosthesis on the internet - but many if not all of them are Activities of No Particular Prosthetic Need ANPPN. This is probably largely overlooked by insurances, but then, what can we do, who will listen to amputees when there are pretty media continuously blasting their view of things out into the open that boil down to the intelligence level of a bag a'hammers. Really, what you want a prosthesis to do are things you can not do without a prosthesis - robustly and for a fair price. And that is exactly what we are looking at right here.

If you are interested in optimizing the grip of your prosthetic arm or prosthetic hand and if you feel that current myoelectric or body powered prosthetic terminal devices have not satisfied you for whatever reason, check out this. This is not just the V2P Prehensor that offers full sturdy action - in due sequence, we are looking at a Ossur Iceross Upper X silicone liner, an Ossur Icelock pinlock system, an epoxy socket, an MSM wrist 0.2 (we sure built a damn good prototype right there) and then a V2P Prehensor mounted on a self-cut adapter piece. The wrist is backwards compatible with Otto Bocks' standard wrists and the connector of our wrists is backwards compatible with Otto Bock's bolts (note adequate usage of 'backwards' here). If you don't tweak your own stuff then your prosthetic technician should be up for the job and if not yet, I am sure s/he can be talked into it.

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