Otto Bock USA - afraid of the rest of the world?

It appears that Otto Bock USA now promotes Upper Extremity Prosthetics via a Fan Page on Facebook:

But not to everyone.

The web page of Otto Bock USA is closed to my access. I cannot access it. Not from here (Zuerich, Switzerland).

Unless, of course, I use an American proxy server. So I use an American proxy server. Then, Facebook (which obviously supports and forwards IP restrictions) will exhibit all content. I still cannot use the "LIKE" button, so they also blocked that.

Why is that?

Ah, who knows.

Obviously, Otto Bock USA has figured out that arms gone missing in the USA are different from arms gone missing in the rest of the world. They also probably figured out that it was healthiest for them to restrict and split an already tiny market.

So, while everyone else - including Hosmer, the Open Prosthetics Project or Regal Prosthesis, to name a few - are trying their darnedest to go global, to cater to more rather than less people, to make their stuff accessible rather than hiding it, Otto Bock USA obviously knows something we all don't know.

Weird company. Really.

What is there to see?

One thing is a video of a bilateral amputee trying to open an egg. He gets visibly impatient when the egg is harder to handle than he may have expected. Why anyone would do that with Otto Bock material is beyond me anyway. I mean, you can try, but don't be surprised it if fails.

Eggs are best manipulated using Becker hands. So maybe Otto Bock USA is embarrassed. Who knows. I suggest to change the way they build their prosthetic hands. But that's just me. You read it here first ;)

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