Opening a vacuum sealed marmalade jar

Glorious moments in a bloke's life: Opening a vacuum sealed marmalade jar can be a real bitch. I do work out, and I have all the gadgets. I use knives to lift the lid. I use rubber mats to hold the glass between arm and chest. I use heat to expand the gas / air inside the jar. But not all jars give in. There are a few jars that stay put.

You know how to then get rid of excess frustration? Focus your frustrated thoughts around an imaginary candle. Got it? Are the thoughts floating around that candle? Good! Now blow the candle, blow hard. You see where your frustration has gone? See? Pffft, gone.

With that concept in mind I figured the best way to get rid of excess vacuum was to drill a hole into the lid. Pffft, gone.

"If all you have is a hammer everything else looks like a nail."

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