Handiii / exiii myoelectric hand crowd funding [new project]

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The new project "handiii", developed by a team called "exiii", is a myoelectric hand prosthesis which is advertised to be dramatically accessible for people in need. This is a crowd funding project [Japanese link].

Though conventional hands cost more than 10,000 USD, the material costs of handiii are kept within 300 USD by using 3D-printer/smartphone and minimizing the number of motors. Moreover, handiii will extend options for the users. With the aid of 3D-printer, users will be able to choose from various designs based on user's preference or occasion just like shoes and watches nowadays [link].

Here is the video:

Obviously this involves some "cables":


Great design variations abound, here like something that came out of a Puma shoe store:



The hand looks as avantgarde as something like that ever can look and with that, it is the first prosthetic hand officially trying to look like "design porn" by "Sarif industries" made to make us all lust after these and want more:


A model dubbed "handiii coyote" is shown here under "user testing" conditions:



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