Mountain bike riding [why not, why, where]

As it appears, I do consider what they call modern prosthetic arms - and I do wonder: what do these manufacturers consider "a life", what do they consider liveable, important, what are goals for them, how do they go about activities? Do they believe I, as the arm amputee they seem to see me as, am but a doll to them? Is becoming a doll what all research tries to achieve these days?

Hans Georg Näder, CEO of Otto Bock - one of the really big prosthetic component manufacturers and one of the biggest companies to technically (as well as in terms of customer service) discouraging people to wear body powered arms - himself is not into motored powered ships. He is not so much into electronic gadgets as in computerized solar powered vehicles or anything like that. He is not into remote controlled helicopters. He is not into new cell phones. Nothing similarly unnerving as the gadgets he tries to promote for us. No. Far from that. Get that: he is into yachts. The manual craft of sailing. That is probably also as close as body powered gets for a person like him, with a somewhat increased body mass index. Now, why would I regard things any differently? Why would Otto Bock not embrace that I see things just as their CEO?

Because one thing is for sure - no one with an osseointegrated or myoelectric bionic hand  is fit for that type of thing. Criss-crossing the country side. Full pull, full push, full vibration, full sweat, all temperatures, full bangs.

Note: you will not get the juicy bits on camera here. Either I hold the camera while riding. Or I really ride the bike also using brakes and all. But for fast riding and downhill rides, I cannot at the same time record the events.

This is a hyperlapse video of a mild ascent across the fields:

This is another hyperlapse video, riding up along a forest:

Here the setup outlined elsewhere, in action:

Bike setup. Bike setup.


Sunset, cloudy skies, mountains and countryside:


Why bike riding is cool. Great landscape. Why bike riding is cool. Great landscape.


Another view on the neat places one can go when bike-wise mobile:

Why bike riding is cool. Great landscape. Why bike riding is cool. Great landscape.



Fog and clouds the next day - but what a cool feeling riding here all across the place:


Why bike riding is cool. Great landscape. Why bike riding is cool. Great landscape.


Why ride bikes into these places? Why not. It is breath taking.

That is an activity no Otto Bock, or Touch Bionics, or RSL Steeper product ever will take you with the same ease, safety and speed. I use a really well defined body powered arm, containing also a Mert hand and a Puppchen wrist. My socket does not cover the elbow. I wear Alpha liners by Ohio WillowWood, with a pin lock.

January 2015 Update


June 2015 Update




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