Kingsman - The Secret Service [movie with an amputee role, yet again]

Always important to pay attention to movies with amputee characters that tend to shape the public perception - as one does have to deal with the fall-out of that.

For one, amputees are used or employed in an often-times stereotypical way in movies, not because there is anything about their personality.

Secondly, public perception of stereotypes as well as brands are known to change but only under very particular circumstances.

So we all remember when the science of conviction, branding, brand values and so on was part of academic psychology, right? And what it would require to effectuate a sudden or rapid change, not one slowly morphing over 15-20 years? Are amputees damned to live a life of "evil stereotype"? Are runners with blades suitable amputees, no lobby, no representation, to be safely cast (again) as baddies?

Now if it just was not for the year 2014 and some events down in South Africa; as it appears, the underlying comic book already contains the bionic blade leg character Gazelle and was written in 2012.

Personally I think it would be time to also introduce people wearing, say, a body powered arm or so, into at least the manually and mentally capable category of people.

Yes, we are the ones that can and do take focused photographs, too.

Yes, we can, we are not totally and completely disenfranchised, like, we would not be wearing butter on our glasses just all the time, or even calling that type of disarray a lifestyle.

No, things are different here, and why not make sharp and fast action in that direction some part of mainstream movie reality, too?

Otherwise you risk losing real amputees while perpetuating your own little crazy nonsensical world.

The upcoming 2015 movie "Kingsman - The Secret Service" has a female blade leg runner in a henchman role. The character is called "Gazelle" and she is played by Sophia Boutella [link].



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Running with the blades:


Flying roundhouse kick with the blades:


Roundhouse kick against sword type fight:


Flying gunfight and explosion type action:


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Chuck Norris totally pales in comparison. In terms of honest workmanship, this is yet another fuck-up: they again digitally tricked a non handicapped actress in order to get high on stereotyped amputee abilities. Probably no real amputee found it cool to represent stereotyped idiocy, who knows. Because, really, in terms of stereotyping amputees in movies?  Two razor-sharp artificial feet that take the concept of blade running to a new high. Wildly and entirely crazy. That's what this is.

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