Mini Cooper 2007 window and fog light switches

The Mini Cooper 2007 can be a somewhat expensive but beautiful car to drive as an amputee. Since Mini BMW Switzerland confronted me with a difficult situation (they recommended modification through dealers but appeared to insufficiently document these guys with the effect that modification cost ran up comparatively high), I am detailing the experience from my point of view here. Please consider getting in touch with Mini BMW beforehand and consider other vehicles as well. Volkswagen, for example, have their own product line for disability modifications.

Window and fog light switches

I used large wrench bits (length 50 mm, diameter 10 mm for hexagonal screw heads) as adapter to allow Mini Cooper 2007 switch operation using my arm stump or prosthesis.

The 10 mm diameter is a wee bit too large for the switch levers. I used rubber (shrink tubes) to fix the bits to the switches. The rubber must be inserted at the bottom to make the wrench bit sit as low as possible. Otherwise, the lever cannot be pulled all the way up as the wrench bit hits the plastic frame on top when pushing upward (like you'd do in order to close the windows).

This is the first switch I adapted for operation with my arm stump. As mentioned above, I used a 10 mm extra long (50 mm) wrench bit and jammed it to the switch using shrink tube rubber.

After mounting four wrench bits, I can operate all window and fog light levers.

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