Cable sheath crap / cable damage [yet again]

With increasing performance and experience comes increasing proficiency in repairing my arm. Obviously, my orthopedic technician did not listen to me as I had told him numerous times to cut the cable sheath using special equipment.

This results in the cable sheath perforating and tearing up a t-shirt.

There are people that warn of orthopedic technicians committing small time tinkering and I am one of them. So, not only is it Easter and no one on call there (they really think they can get away with that) so naturally, I will then tear up the damaged parts and fix them myself.

Obviously we are using some high tech parts, and in case you want to get these yourself, you could order them as well. We are using Shimano bike control cable sheaths.

Inspection of the other cut ends of the sheath that my technician hat attempted results in this presentation:

Obviously it is a good idea to cut the cable sheaths so the metal wires remain contained inside the plastic. If wire ends are exposed, they will bend and tear open the plastic housing. Then, what happened ultimately (see image up top) will happen again.

Also, plastic caps are provided with that Shimano package that keep these wires in place, so why not pull these over the cable?

So to cut one of these sheaths myself, I used a Dremel speed click cutter.

They are not hard to use, as they actually ship with instructions. That is great, so we can hope others can use these tools as well!

A typical sheath end then looks like this after cutting to correct length:

So far, so good : )

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