Otto Bock Michelangelo hand - new multi electrode version [rumor]

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The video below seems to show a 6 or 7 electrode hand. By origin (Austria) and appearance this likely is an advanced Otto Bock Michelangelo hand. It is rather noisy as is the iLimb. It appears that before they started to roll out their 2-electrode hand to orthopedic technicians, they already try to get it up to level with multi electrode control and, hopefully, trained grip patterns.


And the following video is an extended version of the above - in addition to some serious considerations it is full of joyous nonsense, exaggerations and the usual media hype we already know and have been tagging for a while now. Once so-called "bionic" prosthetic hands actually do something that is better than real hands it certainly will be big news. As so far, these new-age myoelectric warm-up projects termed "bionic" did not at all do anything more than a good old Otto Bock or Sauerbruch hand. That is not to say that hooks are worse - conversely, the function of prosthetic hooks does go further than real (and definitely, prosthetic) hands in that one can turn the meat on a grill or catch pasta from boiling water with a hook, or use a hook to get a hot pizza tray out of the oven, lever a bike tire over the rims. Way to go, for the "bionic" hands.

However, when I was messing around with my myo arm earlier tonight I had to say that the potential for accidental mishaps with myoelectric arms is really a lot bigger than with the body powered arm that definitely is a lot more reliable. After all these years that is still the case. Maybe, more bionic prostheses reduce that gap.

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