Toshiba launches fuel cells for mobile devices [tech news]

While large scale combustion can be bad for the environment fuel still has the highest energy density wide and far and for mobile applications, saving volume and weight while extending (temporal) range is the goal of any power source.

With prosthetic arms, the trend is clearly going towards more functionality but currently it is unclear how. For anyone who is interested in seeing value for money, now is a good time to wait as developments appear to be under way.

Question is if fuel cells are a way to go for prosthetic arms. Recently, commercial fuel cells were released for mobile applications.

Toshiba Launches Direct Methanol Fuel Cell in Japan as External Power Source for Mobile Electronic Devices

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TOKYO—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502), a world leader in the development of fuel-cell technology for handheld electronic equipment, today announced the launch of its first direct methanol fuel-cell product: Dynario, an external power source that delivers power to mobile digital consumer products. Dynario, together with a dedicated fuel cartridge for refueling on the go, will be launched in Japan, in a limited edition of 3,000 units only, and will be exclusively available at Shop1048 , Toshiba’s direct-order web site for digital consumer products in the Japanese market. Orders will be accepted from October 22, and shipping will start on October 29.
The power consumption of mobile electronic devices, including mobile phones, has greatly increased with added functionality, including TV reception and Internet connectivity. As a result, battery exhaustion has become a major concern. Dynario’s DMFC delivers almost instant refueling that untethers electrical equipment from AC adapters and power outlets. It runs on mix of methanol and ambient oxygen, and the chemical reaction between the two in the fuel cell produces electricity.

Toshiba recognizes the DMFC as a high potential solution for portable equipment and is promoting intensive technology and product development, including improved practical use and downsizing.

The palm-sized Dynario is Toshiba’s first DMFC product. Once fueled with an injection of methanol solution from its dedicated cartridge, Dynario starts to generate electricity that is delivered to a digital consumer product—a mobile phone or a digital media player—via a USB cable. On a single refill of methanol which can be made in an instant period (around 20 seconds), Dynario can generate enough power to charge two typical mobile phones.

Dynario™ integrates Toshiba’s state-of-the-art fuel cell technology, allowing it to operate with only a small volume of concentrated methanol solution, reducing the size and weight of the fuel tank and the overall product. An ingenious fuel feed structure realizes uniform methanol delivery, and stable output to any attached device is fine-tuned by a built-in microcomputer. Performance is also optimized by Dynario’s hybrid structure, which uses a lithium-ion battery charged by the fuel cell to store electricity. The dedicated fuel cartridge was co-developed with Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd., one of Japan‘s leading packaging container companies.

Dynario and its fuel cartridge fully comply with the International Electrotechnical Commission’s safety standards (provisional edition).

Toshiba will gauge customer reaction and opinion from the Japanese release of Dynario and reflect them in the development of future DMFC products.

Outline of Specifications

Replacement Laptop Battery For TOSHIBA PA3285U-1BRS

Specifications Part No: PA3285U-1BRS Battery Type: Li-ion Volt: 10.8 V Capacity: 4400mAh Weight: 433.76g Dimension: 129.60×71.76×20.20mm Color: Black Promotion Price: AU .87 (inc. GST)

Dynario (DMFC)

Model No. PF60A000001 Fuel cell type Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Fuel Highly-concentrated methanol
(through dedicated cartridge) Output[1] DC5V-400mA External dimensions Approx. W150 x D21 x H74.5 mm
(when rotary stand is housed) Weight Approx. 280g (without fuel) Fuel tank capacity 14ml Operating temperature and humidity range From 10 to 35 degrees C; from 30 to 90% relative humidity
(no condensation) Input DC5V-500mA Accessories Output cable, input cable, cover and instruction manual [1]Maximum performance in hybrid operation using an integrated lithium-ion battery.

Fuel cartridge

Model No. MC050A00001 Content Highly-concentrated methanol Outside Dimension W62 x D29.1x H122 mm Weight Approx. 92g Capacity 50ml Dynario™ and its logo are trademarks of Toshiba Corporation in Japan. Information in the news releases, including product prices and specifications, content of services and contact information, is current on the date of the press announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.

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