Stigmatization and demonization VI - counter terrorism [MILLER IT]

If Open Prosthetics had tons of designs for parts to download we could wear a shirt saying "DOWNLOAD IT". With a reference to the website.

If there was some surgery that'd solve all of our problems and if that procedure was invented by a surgeon named MILLER, we'd wear the shirt saying "MILLER IT". And all would be cool.

But right now are different times. Otto Bock representatives will tell you how useless body powered technology is, their special outfitter in Switzerland DYNORTIS does not even offer body powered arms any more. Their product issues unfortunately caused me to start photographing and videoing my product failures at first with disbelief, then with anger and resentment. Later we started to build our own stuff and buy other products, help developments elsewhere and take things from there.

One thing is for sure - friends help friends out. And it is good to be able to now resort to reliable and stable parts, that is for sure. To me, this is a very important step being reached.

The point in time where we can sail into the sunset requires a particular flag in our calendar. For me, let that be the beginning of June 2011.

It is relevant because it was uphill and sailing against the wind for three years. And because the goal to now be able to using stable and high definition parts for my body powered arms was reached.

Obviously, this is a very tongue-in-cheek slogan being worn on my hoodie right there.

Friends don't let friends wear Otto Bock.

It is also funny as I was forced to wear that stuff for quite some time. And still, I occasionally wear Otto Bock stuff. I occasionally drink coffee at Starbucks, also a thing that friends help friends not to do. And occasionally I drink a Coca Cola. Nevertheless this is a tongue-in-cheek attitude slogan that shows a relevant direction.

The amount of repairs that Otto Bock product strategy forced me to get done myself and at my prosthetic technician and that I personally will stand to show where and what failed and why will, in its entirety, amount to something that terrorized me. That is why I call a response that resolves these issues counter terrorism. This is not to be taken too literally.

Next step will be to explain what parts go where. One after the other.

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