Miss Amazonas 2015. What is society after in terms of appearance? What rates high these days? [look closely!]

The media coverage of events at the end of the current Miss Amazonas election shows a totally intriguing aspect that you may have noticed too: media forget to show the Misses - they only show ugly action.

See, ..:

  • Miss elections traditionally are about conventional female beauty;
  • They are usually accompanied by showing these women's bodies and faces photographed in good quality in newspapers, TV and online media;
  • In essence, these images are the only aspect of these Miss elections that are there to report, as there is certainly mostly no other interesting content except, possibly, the one or other blooper that manages to reach the level "newsworthy";
  • In the 2015 Miss Amazonas election, the runner up to the title snatched the crown off the head of the winner, and THAT caused media all over to forget what these Miss elections were all about always, with the effect that...
  • ... only ugly blurred photos were published. After the Miss Amazonas 2015 elections the media abound only in garbage images. Garbage quality, garbage content.
  • Almost exclusively, no Miss images with the usual perfection are shown.
  • It is almost like they held the Miss 2015 Amazonas elections only to show ugly and bad quality images of fighting.

So why is that so highly relevant? Because it offers a rare glimpse into our collective underpinnings.

Miss elections are rare events with a rare focus - almost exclusively, perfection in beauty and surface is celebrated. While on one hand we always hear that "perfect beauty" is what everyone is after, that - as we learn today - totally does not play out. It is even de facto wrong. So most probably, it is actually a lie.

Cosmetic industries, fashion industries and sports industries as well as many other live on the prospect that beauty in its various forms are to be achieved. But what we really are after, is most definitely not "perfect beauty". Sure, perfect beauty is also bland, symmetric, there is a great deal of similarity, and in total, these Miss shows are quite, if not totally, uninteresting and boring with the exception of stunning superficiality being shown. Really though, our brains do not crave beauty. They crave interesting events, activities or things. They crave novelty, as ugly ass as it may be.

And, how intriguing! The media coverage of events at the end of the current Miss Amazonas 2015 election exemplifies this point quite well. One Miss does something ugly to another Miss - and BLAM! All we get are blurry images of ugliness. Beauty forgotten! Portrait photos forgotten! Misses, all forgotten.

Media these days write and offer what sells. If anything is optimized by click rate, it is modern news and media web sites such as radio or TV news. Now, given a Miss Amazonas 2015 election, I would have expected that there would be focused, large, and well illuminated perfect photographs of the winner and two runner ups covering the front pages all over. After all, we not only all have mobile phones, digital cameras and whatnot, all with increasing sensor sizes and resolutions. We also all want to see who these women are.

Right? Not right.

Believe it or not, smudgy, unclear and rather out of focus imagery now is what dominates the media. I searche for Miss Amazonas 2015, and that is what I got:



Instead of presenting us, as first and most relevant news, with the glossy shiny appearances that won the first three places in that competition of utter beauty, we are presented with what seems to drive everyone of us and them more: ugly envy. Blurred photographs where the halos indicate thick butter or grease on mobile phone lenses, not pure photography with Hasselblad large size format films that one would assume to be the only type of technology worthy of the symbolism of such events.

The images here are from news portals all over (C) Copyright by these, even though these are not to be proud of really. As example, no clear image of a runner up or winner, but only blurry rage, is published by the following "important" news sites:

  • NZZ [link]
  • 20 Minuten [link]
  • Independent [link]
  • Stern [link]
  • MSN Brasil [link]
  • Fashionpulis [link]
  • AOL [link]
  • FAZ [link]
  • NY Daily News [link] (contains a few thumbnails of the beauties below the article)
  • Lmneuquen Argentina [link]
  • Spiegel [link]

Not one nice image of the winners there. Not a single picture. They all forgot that this was actually about great looking faces and people. This, in essence, tells us a lot more than many were willing to admit: beauty is not only totally overrated. It will be and can become totally irrelevant.

Totally fascinating. The real, focused, perfectly photographed or videoed faces and bodily appearances of what are promoted to be the center piece of these elections have been medially abandoned.

Why is that?

Maybe, Miss elections are a play with fire. These women appear to be totally beautiful and enter a vanity contest. Why act shocked when greed, wrath, envy and pride as part of reactive behavior follow? Why act as if this was something outrageous?




In my view it was mainly Elfriede Jelinek that shaped the discourse towards a far more critical look onto such processes. With that, we (!) are - want it or not - working for a media industry that has us go get the content and work through it unsupervised and self motivated - without a king, prison guard, teacher or employer making us do so. We even run to get more, all in our role as informal employees that drive the media circus. How ugly the mechanisms are that media use to get us working, that is rarely unveiled. Here, we can see how that is performed: shameless novelty seeking with the effect that they (and we) risk to forget what this all was about. The totality of this predatory approach is what makes this image sequence - given that we should be seeing perfect smiles and lipp gloss and eye shadow - so strikingly revealing of there being something so fundamentally wrong all over.

Conversely, we not only get to spend our time for these media offerings, we may even pay to get this stuff shown. Then we seemingly create interest in this. These events such as vanity contests systematically ram up Christian and other values against each other. There is a lack of respect that is celebrated with an external display of great respect. There is a greed for a type of rating that is as arbitrary and temporary as it ever can be. The axis of "envy" is played in the high value range across both contestants and audiences. Not much good can come of it. So, it may be better to stay away as far as possible until all motives are clear and declared and out in the open.

And we now realize that media, and society, will immediately and totally discard the publication of sharp focused well illuminated beautiful winners' images of an over-regional beauty contest for blurred proof of sheer ugliness: envy, wrath, greed and pride. Reactive behavior of the ugliest kind, what one can be provoked to do - THAT is what they are always after. Bread and games, people, bread and games.

It is very important to realize that if that is the same society that tells us that an arm amputee should wear a "life like" arm, they are likely lying too. They don´t give a rat´s ass about arms - they just want to study our faces, see our wry smile or our puke. We are also facing societal double binds that no one can resolve. With that, we should now look for similarly rammed up terms that tell us how values get shoved up against each other (already one hidden contradiction has been identified by me recently [voightkampff]). Why are so many people trying to denigrate hooks [we know who is]? What values are these? What makes a difference in the end? Where are our priorities? There seems to be a lot left to explore.

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