Art and disability - SARIF INDUSTRIES cyborg art [science fiction pure]

In an unprecedented charge forward into the Transhumanist or Posthuman Visionary Culture, the Sarif Industries project label shows very interesting artwork. It seems to be a design offspring of a new game (Deus Ex Human Revolution E3) gone viral with great realism.

The game itself appears to be not too different from other First Person Shooters and as that appears top remain just as limited in scope:

However, the Sarif Industries' science fiction art project part really is nicely designed and should inspire the one or other idea for further reflection:

The prosthetic embedding they show in their video is completely out there, obviously - neither energy sources nor construction, design or interface issues are solved at all. But the vision itself is cool to watch. Obviously some ethical considerations are made as well - in a rather provocative way.

(C) all images Copyright Sarif Industries

The Sarif Hand

The Sarif Arm

The Sarif Legs

The Sarif Eye

Obviously, these items look cool. If anyone of y'all designs artifical limbs - take a look. That is great design. That is what we all want to wear.

Don't get me wrong. Visionary science fiction is nice but no one wants surgery or carry around heavy batteries or motors. No one wants the hissing sound of underdimensioned motors under heavy strain. And in fact, the hard close contact degree of immersion and integration of a really well built body powered arm is already good - but now I know about how it should look like: like this. When will iLimb and Michelangelo hand be released as body powered voluntary opening hands? When will there be a white plastic / matte black plastic designer version of the Becker hand? - Thanks in advance.

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