Tracy Morgan declares that he is bankrupt [standup comedian tragedy]

Tracy Morgan, as he would like to be perceived, is a stand-up comedian. Standup comedians need to attract a certain amount of attention for sure - but once a bluff is called, it is usually over. And while that fact was ignored so far and by most commentaries - Tracy Morgan ain't funny. He may be a bit narrow minded and ambitious - but he lacks humor and fun. Definitely he lacks that free floating feeling that true standup comedians can conjure up. Unlike him. And you may be able to force politics, law, traffic, X-ray examinations, concrete buildings, you can certainly force school learning, soccer training and mail delivery - - but you can NOT force standup comedy. As Tracy Morgan's shit ain't funny, that shit just ain't funny. Point blank. There's no way to wing it.

From a recent commentary:

Last month, he offended gays and lesbians with a homophobic rant in a Nashville concert hall, highlights from which were posted online and went viral. Under pressure from a gay-rights group (not to mention the bosses of his TV show, "30 Rock"), Morgan apologized and met with gay-rights advocates.

Then, in a stand-up date last weekend, he comically cautioned against dating women with "retarded kids" and joked about once romancing "a cripple" with a prosthetic arm.

The only thing that Tracy Morgan appears to be left with are jokes against minorities that do not choose their membership to that minority - that is, gay and lesbians, mentally handicapped and physically handicapped. Other minorities would include racial or ethnic groups, or maybe ill people. As a member of one of these groups - amputees - I take offense, and thus a post here is in order.

He's bankrupt - humor wise. A's not hartosee, yknow 'm I sayin'? There is no way to offer clearer terms to declare humor bankruptcy than what he is doing here.

Quite honestly, there is not much to say. That man just ain't funny. Point blank.

Watch some excerpt of is previous "humor" and see what I am saying. Here is that part where he talks about his disabled girlfriend:

Nah. There is some shock and laughs about just how realistic he imitates her. But that shit ain't funny. Just isn't.

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