BeBionic2 - new grip patterns [pictures]

While the BeBionic and the iLimb shared a number of seemingly similar features the BeBionic2 seems to take things into its own hand. So to say.

Well, finally. Finally a modern prosthetic hand with really useful features. Great stuff. Now all we need are prosthetic sockets and wrists that allow for pin lock mounts and minimal wrist unit dimensions. I have a long stump and so do others. Only once these sockets are really comfortable will they be a real option to body powered arms. But, for now, BeBionic2 - great stuff to look at.

And that's not all. There are some activities that really make overuse symptoms of my left (remaining) hand worse. Using a mouse, using repeated trigger movements when spraying detergents, those sort of things are among the worst. They make my carpal tunnel syndrome come back. This is so far the only prosthetic hand and definitely the first prosthetic hand that seems to specifically look after specific manipulations of people in our society to improve health of my remaining hand.

Ah!!!! Sorry about that. But I was just kidding. But I could not resist ; )

With that, one should probably have a really good look at what the activities really are that strain and overuse the remaining hand and what activities the prosthetic really should be able to do or support.

Other than that, I wonder why no one came up with a simple positioning / click-action USB interface for the prosthetic arm - why using a single finger to operate a mouse, which, to an amputee, are two distinct expensive approximations and go-betweens? I mean, if you can avoid "clumsy", would you?


New and very hot

Mouse Grip

Hugely useful : ) most underrepresented solution so far. No other hand has it and it will easily be a killer function for this product.



Column Grip

Very useful for driving, push operations or passing through a sleeve.



Trigger Grip

Use index finger to pull a trigger such as using a detergent spray.



Finger Adduction

Using finger proximity for slim objects like credit cards, business cards or tooth brushes.



Relaxed Hand

To make it appear more natural when not actively used.



Well known

Tripod Grip

Emulating an old Otto Bock hand with a rather powerful pinch type grip. The Otto Bock hands' tripod grip are really legendary - as being useful and still precise to control while offering good grip strength.



Power Grip

The oldest and most used grip for prosthetic hands ever.



Pinch Grip

Pick up or handle tiny stuff. Or show someone the "O" sign such as when non-verbally saying "perfect" : )



Open Palm

Carry plates or trays.



Finger Point

Extend single finger to push buttons.



Key Grip

Grip flat objects.



Hook Grip

To carry briefcases or bags.



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