Fixing / sewing up boot latch [tech]

I am able to tie shoe laces but since over ten years and for reasons of comfort and style, for economic reasons as well (these last rather long) I prefer boots over other shoes for everyday wear and tear.

A new pair that I got myself recently to replace a pair of boots that was worn out to the point of falling apart quite literally instantly got me into trouble - the latch on the back of the new right boot tore off. The fabric of the latch itself was fine - it appeared to be a problem of the seam that had come loose.

I had taken that boot to the local shoemaker for repair but it turned out that the cheap glue that dude was applying didn't do the trick after all. So between shipping the boot to the manufacturer for any inadequate amount of money and considering a discussion about glue with the shoemaker I decided to give a direct in-house repair some closer consideration.

Most of the sewing was done using a Hosmer work hook and a pair of pliers, in order to force a regular stitching needle through the double leather layer and additional fabric layer.

Instead of following the line of the seams, I placed stitches all across the area of the latch in an attempt to better distribute strong pulling forces.

Can't blame a bloke for what he's gotta do - this sure ain't winning no beauty contest for the most girly stitch art work ever. But the distribution of the stitches that show even placement of my extremely strong thick heavy duty string is good.

After all the stitching was done, I secured the fixed layers with an additional squeeze of Pattex. Gotta use Pattex on these.

You could argue that these nice bright boots should not have been fixed with black string. But first of all, who is to tell (see below). Secondly, other things will be more important already in a few months time. Or even in a few weeks time. Furthermore, I will, eventually, use grease also on these boots. And I only use black grease on boots, whatever color their leather has. And that will rid anyone of any problems they ever had regarding black string bits.

I am glad I did not wait for other stupid ideas to pop ip. Like, taking them somewhere else to, like, spend money on more shoemakers to use some tricks or so.

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