Cherry computer keyboard with built-in trackpad [overuse reduction]

To reduce overuse of my (left) hand, I systematically started to introduce rules and focus of attention. Rarely is it necessary to find some other product that I can use.

Computer mice are known to pose a possible risk for overuse and carpal tunnel syndrome. So finding good mice is one thing, finding good keyboards a second thing - but putting the hosed arm to good use the best.

Cherry sells a "compact keyboard" with a built-in trackpad on the right side. Turns out that this really activates the damaged arm because as I already know from my cell phone and tablet, the stump is good for taps, slides and all things touchpad and trackpad.

Buy Cherry compact keyboard

The keyboard is neither hard to obtain nor hard to connect.

Video demo of compact keyboard usage

As you can see the accessibility of trackpad function is rather smooth.

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