Drill a screw [1-handed way]

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I am sure there must be dozens of ways to drill in screws with just one hand.

There are magnetic screw divers or drill bits. Maybe a drop of glue that is easy to rub off later.  Or fixing the screw head with the index finger.

Here I use sticky tape.

I generally suggest to use Torx screwsfor all one-handed projects.

Their screw heads allow for large momentum to be transmitted. Conversely, slit head screws may deform easily particularly when I slip with the screw driver. And Philips screw heads cannot take excessive momentum due to the way they are constructed.

Here you can see how the screw is fixed to the drill using cheap thin sticky tape.

This is the first part of drilling that screw into a piece of wood for demonstration purposes (video).

Once the battery driven power drill stops being of use (as it craps out) I will switch to using a ratchet.

For the hard part of drilling that screw into hardwood (for demonstration purposes here) I am using a ratchet (video):

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