Vacuuming with iLimb Ultra Revolution [ADL]

Allegedly, one can actually use the iLimb for vacuum cleaning floors. I set out to try that.

Here are fragmentary pieces of evidence that this is actually alleged and even supported by Touch Bionics:


Movie about vacuum cleaning with an iLimb

There is what appears to be a Touch Bionics authorized movie that promotes vacuum cleaning of floors, or more precisely, of one small area of a floor, with an iLimb.


Direct written confirmation

I find anything that resembles "action" rather hard to believe after I had a string of failures with my product here (more concisely, it would run up damages both while being used and while just sitting in a shelf, at which point I am a bit insecure about what it is an iLimb actually survives). My relation with this hand is best characterized by the "walking on eggshells" metaphor.

So, to be careful about this, I asked.


Actual experience

I have a 155 m2 floor surface over 3 levels including stairs.

  1. After about 4-5 minutes, probably due to sweat, the hand became hard to control due to electrode malfunction, about 1/4 done.
  2. After about 10 minutes the socket slipped off my stump due to more sweat, about 1/3 done.

That is that.

I vacuumed the remaining 2/3 of the house without the prosthetic on.

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