Bad Hand Day III (iLimb again)

So for an on-call work day, I try to use the myoelectric iLimb.


The hand stays closed. Stays. Closed. Motors work and activate but the hand just closes. It is hard to open.


The myoelectric signal seems "off".

Checking with the iPod software, the myoelectric signal *is* off!

While the electrodes for extension (red line) work well, the electrode for flexion / closing the hand (blue line) never stop activating. When relaxing the muscle they never go under the black line.

I did everything. Liner off, liner on. Electrode deconnect, reconnect. Hand off, hand on. Rub skin. And I repeated everything over again.




And they had great contact with the skin.



So, 15 minutes into the hard work day it was supposed to master, the iLimb myoelectric arm refuses to cooperate. Yeah, sometimes it works, true.  But 2/3 of the times I try to put the arm on it does not work.

It is just that such problems are quite simply not any basis for a reliable user-prosthetic arm working relationship.

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