Bad Hand Day IV (iLimb, as usual)

I tried to wear my iLimb on Sunday, for cleaning out travel equipment and so on.

But the hand never stopped closing. I opened it, it closed by itself. Always.

We see quite easily that one electrode (the blue line shows it's signal amplitude) is always too high - both when resting and when running it.


Screenshot_2016-09-04-12-43-30 Screenshot_2016-09-04-12-42-51

So, that was that.

Restarting the hand or rubbing the skin did not help. So, that was the end of it. I put the hand back where it usually is and left it there. And, no, there is nothing "cute" about having to fiddle with the gadget arm and not getting it to work, like, at all. It is a clear nuisance. I put on the hook and it was both comfortable and ready for use, like, instantaneously.

I guess one day there may be software to fix this? Or whatever. Until then, there will be many more "bad hand days".

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