Casio wrist watch wrist band swap [technical, EC microworks]

I switched the old used up Casio watch wristband against a new one. I used a prosthetic hook to do it.



Yes, sure, I am grateful that I was able to work that one out.

Now, why anyone would try that using an iLimb, I do not know. Maybe we can see them following Extreme Cyborging : ) "Extreme Cyborging Microworks"?

After around 9 or so years a new plastic wrist band is not an unreasonable thing to want on one's watch. No store has these wrist bands in stock, so I definitely will order it myself. This is normal.

And so the first question after it arrives is, will I swap these myself, and NOT get a watch shop to do it. I mean, if I want a "specialist" to tell me that I need an 80 000 USD iLimb AND take everything to a shop to get replaced or repaired such as watches or bike tires, I will ask that polite and neatly combed Dutch gentlemen that Touchbionics had parade his arm around in Zurich on that workshop a few months ago. He did not want us to leak his name, so why not call him Ernie. So, better not ask Ernie, "the specialist".

Many people do not know this but I ask you this: what do these people know? Be not like these people.

Be like me.


Of course, I used the prosthetic hook to work with the bimanual task here. A prosthetic hook is made, built, designed, intended, welded, generated, invented, and predestined to succeed at jobs like this. Know that.

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