3D printing requires a prosthetic hook [easing into tech]

The notable civilatory achievement of being able to "print 3D hands" is a media hype thing. No one that I know personally wears one.

But it is interesting to use this technology. 3D printing, that is.

Actually printing 3D, it becomes quite apparent that interesting structures will invariably contain raft and support materials from the print process that then need to be removed.

This process is massively aided if not determinalistically decided by employing a Hosmer model 5 steel hook, also as removal tool.

This is a slow motion video that shows how I make my 3D thingy (a filament dust filter for the Replicator 2X that I designed for better one handed use) ready for use.

In one sentence one could say that "3D printing requires a prosthetic hook". Which would be the cue for me to say "so why not just wear a hook".

Watch this in all its glorious extensive length.

Nah, you could not have done this wearing a Touch Bionics iLimb or a 3D printed hand. No way really.

And I am grateful for being able to work my way through real stuff such as this.

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