WillowWood Alphaliner silicone defect [photos]

WillowWood Alphaliner with unusual defect.

There is a gray area visible from the inside of the liner.

Upon careful bending and distention, a gaping tiny defect of the gel lining becomes discernible.

Directly underneath, the textile cover is decaying and growing biological species, as it appears.

The inner bubble of the defect is larger than the damage from the gel surface. This suggest that the seam must have damaged the gel from the side of the textile area.


Then, one realizes that the liner cover is growing mould.

Also, the surface of the liner generally should look like this.

Beige and uniformly textured beige, that is how they should look.

However, surrounding the inner gel defect, that is how this liner looks.

There is a slight gray discoloration. The beige textile tissue is mouldy throughout.

This is now between my technician, insurance and WillowWood to determine whether that is the result of manufacturing or usage.

Also, further examinations were done. It appears that the liner's silicone contains air / gas in more places where there apppear to be no superficial defects. It is therefore possible that the gas / air got there through means that have no connection to usage at all.

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