VELOFAKTUM road bike / gravel bike, custom built for left handed use [modification, setup]

So I just sold my BMC bike [link] and bought a custom part / custom built gravel / road bike instead. General tips for bike modifications are here [link].

Here is what we did there.

Bike overview:

  • Ordered from:
  • About 8-9 kg weight (bike only).
  • Customized part / components selection: wheels Gunsha Alloy Stability, fork carbon / aluminum stem, crankset Shimano Ultegra R8000 2 x 11 50/34, cassette 11-34, Tektro Mini V-brakes (rim brakes), flat bar, tires Continental X-King RS (32-622); saddle / pedals - my own old / used ones; custom build request was to place all brake levers and shifters on left side of handlebar, without fixing them there so I could do the final / detailed adjustment myself.
  • Net price around 1500 EUR, including shipping and VAT around 2000 EUR; the extra cost for custom requests (left handed) was 30 EUR.
  • Delay from first contact / order to finalized build / shipment / arrival around 6 months, which included lengthy careful discussions at first, and delays due to COVID-19 related restrictions of any kind / all sorts.
  • I would highly recommend the manufacturer for being meticulous, taking care, proper packaging /shipping and great value for price.

Brake levers on left side of handle bar, adjacent mount.

Shifters on left side of handle bar, opposing mount.

I prefer rim brakes - far far far easier servicing, less squealing under wet conditions or if a splash of oil gets there. And, more than enough braking power.

Rear light on seat post, USB-chargeable.

I used my old Turbo saddle, quite comfortable.

Bike rack that fits is that kit from Bontrager, I just adjusted the tubes a bit (sawed them off to be precise).

Bike rack and saddle bag.

Flat lightweight pedals.

Handlebar view - bell, and penguin for a more friendly sound.

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