Stump socks / protectors for different applications I

I am not always wearing the prosthesis or keeping my stump uncovered to air it out. Often, some protective clothing or stump socks are helpful.

Heavy duty protection

When lugging hot or heavy stuff, wearing a prosthesis may not always be optimal. As the skin on my stump is tender but my will is generally unbroken, I need something to the nature of tyres: from that, the idea of a heavy duty stump sock was born.

It appears as if most other people do not have that problem (otherwise Otto Bock's or Ossur's catalogs would be full of heavy duty stump socks). So I found a cheap way to solve this problem.

I bought a number of heavy duty / transporter / packet handling gloves that sell for little money (about 3-5$ the pair). I then put one over my stump and use a stapler to delineate the shape that the glove will later obtain (see following images).

Then I sit down and sew along the staples; then I remove the staples and cut around the suture line (see following images).

The end result is a heavy duty stump protector, useful to take out garbage, work in the garden, clean the house or whatever else (see following image).

These gloves come in all kinds of flavors and colors, the price ranges between a few dollars and a few hundred dollars, as the type of protection ranges from general / not further specified to very specific high quality protection wear.

No skid socks

These were hanging around in our super market. How cool, rubber dots to improve contact.

Keep the stump warm

For activities such as kitchen work where I may get my hand(s) dirty, the open sleeve has proven very comfortable and useful (provided by Lotti Dangel):

For various feelings of cold and to satisfy a need for different textures, I use a number of close end sleeves (provided by Sabine Klein):


For running or other land sports, I like cotton socks, such as this cotton Otto Bock sock:

Also, I have a number of 'normal' socks to wear on the arm (size 46 or so'll do).

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  1. I have a congenital amputation of the right forearm. At age 71 I am having a lot of circulation problems with the stump and it's cold nearly all the time. I'm unable to tolerate medication for the condition. I have made stump sox and they are helpful but I'm wondering if there are any electric arm stump sox that could be powered by rechargeable batteries? Any help you could give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Jan

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