Dan Horkey takes prosthetic socket artwork to *CHROME*

Dan Horkey of Global Tattoo Orthotic Prosthetic Innovations (GTOPI) has taken prosthetic socket coolness to the ultimate - chrome! He is testing the new chrome finish and hopes to make it available soon so you can now get yours fully chromed.

This is way cooler than anything there was before. It goes way beyond my beloved chromed cuckoo clock art project. It is so real you could probably use it as a shaving mirror.

This one is the real deal:

Please contact GTOPI directly for further information or specifics.

Disclaimer: This is not advertising. Not at all, I'm not getting paid for this. I just really like what he does.

History: The idea of chrome sockets goes back to a phone call we had. Dan called me to talk about his designs. The context must have been my ongoing tests with sandpapering, spraying and otherwise coloring sockets that I had blogged about. In the context of discussing what the next cool design would be, I said that chromed by far exceeds all other styles. With regard to that, then, I had had (myself) chromed my (wooden) cuckoo clock, and it was hanging in my living room at that time when we chatted. It must have been the only piece that had attracted ongoing and serious interest of collector item resellers that happened to visit and stay for a drink or so, and I remember one guy who apparently even lost a night of sleep over that clock's chromed appearance - really it was just my mock-up idea that I had made, myself, and that I liked having in my living room. That guy represented such a full blow of mainstream, he sold stuff to anyone who would appreciate visual language, that I figured that the design impact of pure chrome on anyone must be so severe, that clearly, there was something deeper here.  From my own design and style experience, chromed appearance really is by far more inspiring, timeless and powerful as visual expression than many other designs. For some reason, Dan was curious about what design I ever might want him to put on my socket if ever - and I told him that if ever, it really would have to be chromed. But I said I would not at all be the only one to really dig such a design, it would attract the masses, it would be the foundation of a legendary style. I remember Dan expressing some concern regarding technical issues. Sockets are inherently rough, uneven and also not hard, so steps need to be taken to prepare them for this. But consequentially and in due sequence, Dan developed a technique to chrome prosthetic sockets.

Update 2017: Years later, amputees now proudly wear their shiny, glossy, if not chromed sockets. They use their prostheses as an expression of assertion. Michel Fornasier, for example, wears his chromed socket with his iLimb very happily, even for "running"! He is proudly wearing a chromed socket that he got, because of and after I had specifically recommended Dan Horkey to him.

I am quite proud of the fact that my creative ideas help others to make or obtain a type of prosthetic arm that even seems to build a future.

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