Becker Lock Grip hand - gloves

Prosthetic hands are usually equipped with expensive gloves. They look cheap, they feel cheap, they probably are made cheaply - but they cost a fortune. And if they don't look cool, it's not cool. Still:

  • For cosmetic gloves, I prefer Regal Prosthesis gloves. I feel as if they outperform Otto Bock's products any time. But then, cosmetic gloves only are so and so cool - not completely.

The Becker Lock Grip size 8 is so standard that several other options are available:

  • For cool looking gloves, self made gloves are the thing to make and the thing to wear. If you are creative, why not use a skin photo of your own complexion or actually your other hand and have that printed on a shirt? Then use that fabric to make a glove. That type of fabric printing, these days, is dirt cheap.
  • For technical gloves, I tried the Atlas 370 nitrile gloves and I like them a lot. For my size 8 hand, I use gloves sized S (small).

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