Industrial design issues - iron AND hook or V2P

The experience of ironing with a hook. It is also an industrial design issue as it appears. And while I can not offer perfect solutions, I sure can help detailing the process of handling my iron using my hook and - alternatively - using a special terminal device, the V2P prehensor.

1. Plugging it in

Some plugs are hard to operate, some easy. There can be problems as hooks with the exception of the V2P prehensor so far do not have big or unlimited powers.

Some plugs have a shape that is good to grasp. Others have shapes that do no work well with a hook.

Also the position of the power plug on the wall has to be considered.

In my instance plugging in that iron was no problem using the hook.

2. Grabbing it and ironing with it

As you see, holding that handle with a standard steel hook requires slip sliding skills. Not a problem for any skier or wind surfer - same type of hang gliding approximative motion. But definitely not a firm grip.

Using a V2P prehensor, not the slightest problem occurs even with an unmodified standard household iron.

3. Trying to set heat dial using prosthetic hook

Oops. That one does not work at all. No way. The steel hook fails.

The V2P prehensor has no problem at all to interact with the rotationary dial. I can instantly set the temperature.

4. Filling up water - opening latch using prosthetic hook

Oops. Using a standard steel hook, hat is hard, too. But eventually I get it open.

Using a V2P prehensor, the latch is opened a lot easier:

5. Filling up water - filling cup

No problem here!

6. Filling up water - pouring water into iron tank using prosthetic hook

Fill her up right to the bus station!

7. Pressing shirt using prosthetic hook

Rotational swivel is not necessarily a big problem but it does take getting used to.

8. Contrast - handling iron using Becker lock grip hand

With the Becker Lock Grip hand, iron handling is easy. No issues. Even the rotary dial can be set using the rubber finger tips.

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