Sewing - thread manipulation

Grabbing thread. Comparing Otto Bock MovoHook 2Grip (cost: around 1200 USD) and Becker Lock Grip hand (cost: around 600 USD). Maybe the very functional design of hooks implies high functionality - but whether there really is functionality should be tested carefully.

Otto Bock MovoHook 2Grip

The hook was recently serviced by Otto Bock specifically to hold small objects. We had to send it in twice. I mean, that is the type of thing they keep me running around for. This is the result - there is simply no way to complete this task.

When I had asked Otto Bock about unsatisfactory product precision in another context, the Otto Bock customer service representative replied that they (a) recommend ergotherapy and (b) have a legal service departement. I still cannot see how either of these solves what can be painfully clearly demonstrated to be a technical failure of the Otto Bock MovoHook 2Grip to complete the task. To put it in other words: as this hook is VO (voluntary opening), opening the hook is what I do and if it is not opened you may try to blame me - but the burden on providing a correct closing is on the company that builds the hook.

Becker Lock Grip hand

This item was heavily used since 4 months and not undergone any maintenance service at all, and in particular, not any service to improve the grasp of small items. The grip is precise and firm. The Becker Lock Grip hand has a rather good grip without any cover on - but even with a glove on, to keep the hand clean, the task can be completed.

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