Art and Disability - "Greasy Spoon" by Brian Walker

While not all photographs - even if supported by Otto Bock - manage to show really good taste and a deeper glimpse into the real life of disability at the same time, some photographs do.

This picture from Brian Walker's series "Precious Fleshous" is titled "Greasy Spoon". What a profound picture that is. Did you ever try to actually pick up a greasy spoon with a prosthetic arm? Did you ever have problems picking up something but instead of blaming it on the prosthetic or the overall situation, you'd rather call the spoon "greasy"?  If they build something the wrong way, prosthetic parts manufacturers indeed recommend ergotherapy to get the patient going - but naming this by name is a taboo. Is it true that arm amputees may tend to stop ordering steaks and start ordering cut up "dog-type" food to avoid having to use knife and fork in a restaurant? I don't know about y'all but I caught myself early in that process.

And this image just taps on a whole array of ramifications.

(C) Copyright by Brian Walker

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