Robo-Flex PL wrist by Medical Bionics

There is a new type of spherical lock out and it seems that this lock now also is sold as prosthetic wrist joint.

Medical Bionics has patents and products. One of their products is a prosthetic wrist that they call RoboFlex PL that contains such a spherical lock. No word yet as to pricing or stability. An article in Popular Science details the technical principles.

It is quite a bit taller than our own PUPP+CH+EN wrist, same weight, but definitely not designed to fit on long stumps and it seems to require a shorter stump as it can not contain all protruding pin lock parts due to an absent central bore hole. I do expect this design to start wiggling after a while as it seem to lack a precise shape lock (Formschluss) but looking forward to seeing some people test it with heavy usage and then find out. The wrist does not contain a quick lock, but you can screw terminal devices on and off.

Image (C) Copyright Medical Bionics

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