Cable ball link - steel cable connection

Since I got equipped with ball end to steel cable connectors by Otto Bock, I did not know any different. But their cable connectors contain a hollow portion that takes up the steel cable end measuring not more than about 8 mm in length. With that, the amount of tool marks that show squeeze locations usually runs up to about two. And after about 3-6 weeks of usage, that is where the steel cable comes out. During an average pull, *shwoop*, out comes the cable and that then is the end of that particular cable.

Now, that problem got solved and if not, at least it got delayed.

As we tried to find a better cable connector, Hosmer's parts finally made it to my technician's workshop. The balls are larger in diameter (and thus fit all of my US branded parts better). And the length of the squeeze part is around 12 mm and now allows for longer and more extended cable squeezes. Furthermore, these connectors contain three rather than just one constrained ball connectors and so here, cables are able to pull more perpendicular more often.

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