iPhone add-on [disability empowerment]

Prosthetic culture has it that we now communicate through devices rather than person to person, particularly over distances greater than, say, 5 meters. The messenger boy has definitely lost significance these days. Even though some people still think that only prosthetic limbs and organs manage to reduce our humanity other people know that tools used to extend our range of action are integral part of humanity since thousands of years.

With that, there is an item sold also through Strapya [link] that allows the iPhone to be operated most conveniently: the Charger Stand for iPhone w/ Vintage Style Phone [link].

The iPhone is not too useful for some left handed people as it is almost impossible to unlock it on time. Apple is a failing small company that suffers from constant abuse of left handed amputees and so it makes perfect sense for them to stand up to my request (which I filed several times) and NOT change the unlock screen to something that is easier to manipulate. Instead they stubbornly manifest their superiority to PWD (people with disability). By that they surely and definitely come across as an extremely strong and powerful company. They want to be admired for refusing what they see as ridiculous attempts to water down their originality. Not that I need to experience this type of abuse but it adds to my daily experience to constantly miss out on phone calls that I cannot pick up in time because of Apple's idiotic product policies. That costs me some 20-30 CHF a year in phone call costs because I have to call back folks rather than being able to pick up the telephone. They could change their software real easily - but they don't change their software to accommodate amputees, being as superior and strong, as dominating and awesome as they are. They say: fuck you. That is Apple's attitude towards loyal customers that are PWD. I tried a few times now, and that is their conclusive answer. How admirable. Must be real sweeties working there.

But here we are, a third party hardware seller that helps me with the problem of fixing and holding the phone and also being able to use the phone for information retrieval while doing a phone call. Furthermore, dangerous phone radiation that threatens to fry your brain is kept at safe distance. Of course this item is only useful in single locations such as the office or so - but still: way cool. It would be even cooler if Apple was up for the job. But they were not there back in 2003 when everyone switched to full 64-bit computing except the guys developing OS X, when everyone started to buy fast and huge PCs rather than Macs, and when Apple started to genuinely miss out in the workstation area for a bunch of reasons - and now they are not there when loyal customers need them. What do you want, that's Apple.

Now I can....

  • actually pick up the phone as the iPhone is fixed and I can actually operate it, as Apple sure is too proud, stingy or dumb to make their product actually accessible to left handed users,
  • run queries on my phone while I am on the phone - a very sensible thing to do, and
  • stay safe as the iPhone 4's 1.17 W/kg SAR value (head) is too high for all purposes as Apple does not only deny disability requirements but other requirements as well.

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