Amp It Up Mag [what's up?]

As it appears, there seems to be a "new" amputee related magazine out. It is called "Amp It Up". It is a print magazine obviously not available as PDF or electronically. It costs a hefty 54 USD (international) and 27 USD (USA) for 9 annual issues.

The editor (Rick Bowers) is the same who looks after the ACA newsletter and some other copy/paste resources. These are well tamed, extremely neat and well mannered products, but they didn't get me anywhere, I can honestly say I never ripped out a page or marked anything I saw there.

I would suggest to keep reading and networking on-line rather than subscribing to such paperwork. There was not one single bit or piece of information that I can say that I obtained through these channels. Not one.

Of course one seems to be tempted to ream off the money of amputees. However, I can guarantee you that reading these magazines won't change a bit. Going for a swim, and getting something nice to eat afterwards, will. If you go for a walk, or do push-ups, then use that money to get some milk or fruit - great spending. But amputee glossy magazines with the usual "inspirational" stories? Give me a break.

These magazines have been around for ages. If they would change just about anything in terms of prosthetic arms, stump issues or societal views, we'd definitely know it by now. Instead, it now has become a firm reality that TSA agents keel over when amputees come along and products are as expensive as ever. The ACA seemingly is infested with industry rather than amputee representatives and while I still support them through my membership I cannot say I expect anything from them - and the very last I expect is any type of kick-ass lobbying.

Instead, I single-handedly look after problems in component re-design, component customization and import law issues myself. Check the Open Prosthetics Project though. Information networks that I *do* recommend are online resources - from specialty to technical subscriptions, from closed Facebook groups to local bike dealers. But I cannot say that any of these inspirational stories or general overview articles got me just about anywhere - which is the main reason I started this blog site here.

So obviously there are subjects that we want to see answered - be it in a magazine (bad, subscription fees always mean that the audience is small) or be it online (great, if it is fully accessible):

  • How to get your insurance to pay for high-tech prosthetics equipment that contains the latest functions, gadgets and gimmicks and that costs around 50'000 to 120'000 USD.
  • How to repair your prosthetic arm.
  • How to replace defective components with better parts.
  • Mail ordering for advanced users. What parts from where? How to approach companies?
  • Breaking stone hearts. How to get big German prosthetic part manufacturer companies to act like they were compassionate.
  • Design of a prosthetic hand. Reviews, technical analyses.
  • Design of a prosthetic gripper.┬áReviews, technical analyses.
  • Tips and tricks for the shed, for the car, for sports, for dancing, and for all kinds of other situations.
  • Once the prosthetic arm is broken - what then? Strategies to react correctly and not risk a warranty problem.

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