Hawaii Five-O "Hookman" 1973 starring J. J. Armes [youtube]

Recent Youtube appearance of a Hawaii Five-O episode starring J. J. Armes.

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SEASON 6, EPISODE 1, starring Jay J. Armes (born 12 August 1932).

Jay J. Armes is an American amputee, private investigator, and actor. He is known for his prosthetic hands. He has a lead role in this television series episode.

Plot: Curt Stoner lost his hands many years ago when dynamite he was holding to extort money from a bank exploded literally in his face. In prison, he acquired prosthetic hands which he uses with remarkable dexterity. On the outside, he acquired four rifles -- one for each of the four cops who were on the scene, ending with McGarrett. Stoner uses a lettering kit and gold plates to stamp each officer's name on his rifle, which he then uses to gun them down from a distance. When McGarrett and Danno survive a blaze of gunfire and Stoner escapes in his car, Stoner takes off one hook, rigs it to the steering wheel, and jumps out so the car will drive itself into the ocean. (Stoner seems to have at least three sets of hooks.) That gives McGarrett his final clue, but also leads him into Stoner's next trap.

The CBS television network produced Hawaii Five-O, which aired from September 20, 1968 to April 4, 1980. Currently, the program is broadcast in syndication worldwide and via on-demand streaming media from CBS Interactive. Created by Leonard Freeman, Hawaii Five-O was shot on location in Honolulu, Hawaii, and throughout the island of Oahu as well as other Hawaiian islands—with occasional filming in other locales like Los Angeles, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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