ARMCAM - prosthetic hook, kitchen activity [ADL, activities of daily living]

I consider kitchen clean-up, dish washer emptying and that sort of thing a typical ANPPN (activity of no particular prosthetic need). But as is, one can speed things up with the right type of prosthetic. For me, housework has to move fast forward, and I mean, fast forward. I am not interested in drawing it out to a drama. I have no time to dick around.

So seeing as if some people that are totally new to the term "manual work" come to town, time to show some relaxed easy housework ploughing forward through the duties; this video was not done with any focus on speed but as normal routine clean after we had coffees and stuff to eat one weekend morning.

Using a small Mobius action cam tied to the prosthetic socket, here is that bit of kitchen activity.

What you should notice, particularly in comparison to myoelectric or "bionic" devices, is an extremely swift and arc like dynamic integration of both push / pull as well as grip activity into an overall activity as well as a fast transition from swift easy motion to extremely hard vibration or full pressure (cleaning up, emptying / loading dish washer, making coffee, scrubbing hard to get dirt spots) which, in essence, translates as "I do not have to slow down" but using a hook with a really well set up assembly of components, I am *really* fast with this.

This is not so much competitive - hell, if anyone feels like doing that instead of me I won't compete them, they can do it for me! - as it is a demo that should show people just how much the dynamic aspect of a body powered arm truly integrates with body motion to a degree that is impossible to match with myoelectric devices.

As I wear the body powered arm *exactly* for dynamic activity and grip / push / pull activity, not for still photographs, I question the use of "bionic" for the "clumsyhands" and demand it be reassigned to hardware that integrates with my body far better on any functional level.

Anyone that actually *does* manual work on an industrial level (as in: fast, repetitive, strenuous), with no time to dick around, agree?

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