Large 3D hand to clip on TRS prehensor [prosthetic testing]

As always, it is the big things that count. Or, is it ; )

Looking back, Extreme Ironing did not get popular by having folks iron shirts in their gardens, cellars, living room or maybe kitchen. It got popular because, hey, wild!

Same with prosthetic hands.

You may want to think outside the box. One of the things I never understood was why people made the "split hook" / "hand" concept a dichotomy.

So, let us all rehash: "A hook or prehensor is good because {...} (here, you fill the blanks with all technical understanding you got). A prosthetic hand may also be good, because {...} (likewise)." Got it? Good : ) Ultimately, I am one of the person that wants to play around with the best of both worlds.

So here is a first Large Hand test object.

It fits the TRS Adult Prehensor and if you are careful with your 3D print after processing, it is likely you may be able to have fun with it.

There are people that always point out that, to them, "it is the little things that count".

Sure, I know there are these little things as in stuff I don't even need a prosthetic arm for. Sure. Why make a mess out of it, why bring useless technology to the table?

Drinking wine - but this time, reliably and comfortably

Maybe because we can?

But then why not start with really delicate glasses and really drinking wine - after all, we all may really want to really chill ourselves? No worry about charging batteries or dropping glasses, or awkward angles. Just free flapping pure performance on that level?

So one of the really relevant things about drinking really good wine from delicate glasses is to be able to both hold AND drink, AND look good, AND not risk having the glass fall down ONE BIT. That, despite all advances in "bionic" hand design, so far, was absolutely impossible: "bionic" hands never allowed for gracious angles to drink, and they also - usually - drop glasses whenever, particularly when it is not appropriate (as if there was an "appropriate" time to drop wine glasses).

Here, I fix two fingers of the Large Hand together using a simple rubber, just for demo - and already, due to how torque and forces work, the glass is entirely safe from falling. The demo does show red fluid but it is not wine, just juice. But I believe you get the idea.

Vacuum cleaning

One can totally use it for vacuum cleaning - as I was sure you wanted to know that as well.

This goes to show what a terrible technical waste it would be to not make TRS Adult Prehensors part of your future 3D hand lineup.

By the way, you sure you filled in the blanks ({...}) yet?


This simply works by mounting the 3D model onto a TRS Prehensor. I provided a few holes for mount wires or strings, to fix it against the prehensor. After all this is a first alpha version (not even a good beta yet) but it works in a good way. Some surface corners are not extremely well planned or laid out, just good enough for rock'n'roll - but then, what do you expect. Easy to hold a fork, for cutting meat, by putting it into the thumb/index finger ring and pressing downwards. Cool for everyone that is more than ready to try out bold nonsense.

I really wanted this to be my next "Red Hand" model (a series I started back in 2009) but as it were, I just happened to have gray filament in my printer at the moment that design was ready to test - but give or take a few more revision cycles I will make this a 3D print.

Definitely go forward here only on your own risk, the parts are totally experimental and totally untested clinically and surely not to be considered safe for anything at all. However you are free to check the STL yourself and see what you can make of this.

  • Thingiverse- download and view model or take it from there to edit further
  • Shapeways (part 1 / part 2) - get a real printed version of it to play around with

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