Becker Hand - best grip in town [mechanism visualization]

Visualisation of the mechanism or inner workings of one of the fastest "bionic" (i.e. it has an adaptive grip) prosthetic hands has so far been relatively elusive.

The mechanism is one of the most extremely evolved in prosthetic hand device history - the manufacturer overlooks around 70 years of continuous product evolution. As many large manufacturers today do not "listen" and are not open for suggestion or critical evaluation, they are not making most of their shorter time of product evolution, further crippling their already short market exposure. This explains why the Becker hand is one astonishing perfect product - highly functional, attractive, very robust and very affordable.

Now, we worked out how to plastically show the inner workings or mechanism of a Becker Imperial hand.

Realistic colors

This turn-around view shows the prosthetic hand mechanism in "real" colors as it is a metallic substructure contained in the housing.

More metallic colors


False color

The mechanism can also be visualized using false colors.


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