Precision grip application in real life [visual]

Very strong precise grip quality that makes the difference here, while there's no hurry though.

The split hook shape is more modern, and thus also more mature, more innovative, than thinking one needs to copy a hand shape. Far better precision, far less bulk. The typical string I use for sewing seems to be so ridiculously thin that even a "quality for life" (read about advertising and the CE-mark here [link]) "Otto Bock Movo2Hook" hook may not be able to grasp it [link] (note: their spring lever was off due to a mix of use related damage due to soft metal being deformed and ill devised spring length - was remedied rather rapidly, still a funny bug for a large manufacturer) - but, since as far as I remember, they claim that this is a particularly robust device, that problem of not being able to grasp even thin strings weighs with sufficient weight (tip: I would have hardened the metal of the hook body, and, I would have made the spring just a bit shorter right from the outset).

For more insights into the everyday of relevant grasping:

  • grasp taxonomy review [link]
  • grasp angles [link]

It is such big things, as being able to robustly grasp thin string and pull it tightly, that counts!

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Image: prosthetic split hook, tensing up string while sewing.

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