MSM wrist [legal aspects - file download area]

Always, developments with new ideas cause people to get interested in the legal and constructional aspects. The MSM wrist information is posted here.

Legal aspects

We call our development MSM (Müller-Schweitzer-Meili)-wrist.

The copyright resides with Wolf Schweitzer, Stephan Müller and Roman Meili. Further design and production aspects will run via Roman's high tech manufacturing company MPD Meili, Kaltenbach, Switzerland [tools: e.g. Mazak Integrex 200 IV].

We make files used to build and develop the setup freely available by publishing it. Modificiations that were subsequently applied are documented on the respective web pages, so please check before milling away.

We do not make any claims as to function or reliability whatsoever as, in fact, you are not guaranteed anything.

"Anything that you do that breaks this wrist is obviously the fault of the user as the wrist has not been built to withstand forces that end up breaking it" [with this, we are simply following the argumentation of a large German prosthetics company].

CAD models

MSM-0.1 design specs are available here:

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