Retro [hook device review]

The prosthetic device choices currently is restricted in that there are hardly any new developments that deserve the tag "ground breaking".

With the notable exceptions of the V2P Prehensor and now the Retro, both by Bradley Veatch [Toughware PRX].

The Retro is priced at 600 USD, so the question is, what do we get for the money.

The Retro is a hook device that - rather than the V2p Prehensor being modeled somewhat after the Trautman hook - is a more closely revamped Trautman hook. People that are looking for a Trautman hook, or a used Trautman hook, or a second hand Trautman hook, may find what they need with this device.




It actually features an insane grip precision and gripping power so obviously, I did have to try it out when mounting a lamp.

The last time I did something like that, my hook worked well but some aspects left to be desired. Particularly, maximum point squeeze force was not something my everyday hook was too good at.

Obviously I first had to switch off the main switch to be safe. Do not try this at home kids. This is not for the electrically challenged. This can be very dangerous. You did not read this here. Never work on power cables ever.


So the following images shows the lamp mount already fixed to the wall, ready to be connected to the electricity wires.

With the regular hook, handling the cable connectors sucked. With the Retro, handling delicate small cable mounts was possible with great security and grip power. The copper wires did submit to the strong grip now.

As the parts are small, the grip has to be precise too. The Retro does just that: it allows for minute adjustments, and for no-slip grips even when handling small cable ends. WP_20131012_14_22_01_Pro

One of the detail part problems that I faced was having to stabilize the somewhat unstable copper wire cable while navigating it into the cable connector that was just tucked into the plastic (but that would fall out when manipulated too much).

So mounting such stuff on a wall is a free shape gripping challenge that requires good prosthetic device performance.


The Retro is definitely the device to use around technical installations and around the work bench. The spring that it contains solves the tension problem otherwise present with permanent rubber changes and whatnot. In particular, the spring allows to set very high grip powers, and with the relatively small and somewhat triangular grip surfaces it does not get in the way of seeing what is going on at all times.


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