How to apply wood screws in series - demonstration, difficulties [bench work]

I happily cut and mounted two wooden boards into a pre-existing shelf frame. For that, a series of wood screws were put into place.

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The general task is simple:

  • cut the purchased piece of wood to approximate size
  • use spare parts after cutting to elongate board to make it fit
  • put it into place

Here is how the board ended up, after putting it in place:

Sawing was easy, just had to make sure the board does not fall off the bench. A lot of the set up is setting up the bench correctly though.

It is easy to see that the large part (full length of the purchased board) was not big enough for the location, so I used two additional strips to extend it.

To extend it, I screwed two metal plates into place. That is: I used the electric drill to "gzz" "gzz" the screws into the wooden parts.

The technical issues that resulted from this would be listed as follows:

  • The screws need to be stabilized with the wiggly round hook shape.
  • A straight hook shape would be more convenient.
  • A rounded channel for vertical nail or screw placement in a straight hook gripper would be even better.
  • Bolting in the screws requires sufficient pressure and speed to break the wood; can be done manually but in the day and age of power drills the rational choice is clearly an electric drill.

Other than that I will use a wooden screw holder in the future, makes it easier.

This article also extends as BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL which is the category of thought where Cybathlon fans will wonder, endlessly, how arm amputees bolt in blue screws. Clue: imagine these to be blue screws, a blue board, drill, and a blue electric drill; how would you proceed?

Well, guys, that is how: no travel expenses, no pilot registration cost, cheap and comfortable, the answer at your fingertip.


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