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Artistic approach to identity [Glenn Lignon]

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Schraube verschrauben [1-haendige Technik]

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Unlauter: SF DRS (Schweizer Fernsehen) wirbt fuer Otto Bock [Missbrauch Billag-Gebuehren]

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Ossur Upper X liners are ill shaped, their relatively cylindrical shape causes chronic congestion eczema of the stump [tech report]

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Cherry computer keyboard with built-in trackpad [overuse reduction]

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Less Than Four amputee online community is a spam magnet [list]

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Ask the prosthetist time is over. Ask the experienced user. The Six Questions Patients Ask Over and Over [alternative take]

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Tweaking Ossur parts to actually function - Icelock pin lock repeatedly loosening [tip]

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Mert Lawwill prosthetic bicycle riding hand [setup, first test ride]

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Sheila Niremberg - bionic eye encoding ~ solved [technical miracle]

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Disability humor and public ridicule [delineation]

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Innovation *because* of borders - redefining what is *bad* - Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits [amazing]

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BeBionic2 - new grip patterns [pictures]