Otto Bock's funny video (hooks after all? needle and thread benchmark?)

After I seriously promoted hook grip predominance for years (read this friggin website), after I tried to introduce the Becker Hand to a wider audience (Otto Bock can not top that, it costs less than 700 bucks, is sturdy, survives even my lifestyle and does have an adaptive grip) also by using it to place a string into a needle YEARS ago, Otto Bock seems to now expand their heavy and overly expensive Michelangelo anchor with a choice of hook. They then manage to post an April Fool date video with that. How funny is that. Confused!!

Seriously. I was not THAT desperate for getting confirmation, and certainly not from these people.

As they sold me botched bolts a few years ago and when faced with bare facts (to this day) refused to apologize, instead recommended to get ergotherapy (probably to better use their crappy hardware) it is unbelievable to see them present this here. Why is the person not holding the needle with the hook, and using their natural hand to put in the thread? Where are ergo-therapists when Otto Bock needs them most?

We also realize that Otto Bock may not just have hooks that have a sustained capacity to grab threads. They also have other hooks. Incidentally, maybe keep posting videos of that one hook's ability to grab a string over the coming months and years.

Because really, Otto Bock hook experience with threads is more like this:

And really, body powered remains the better choice after all. Not with Otto Bock parts though.

But with a Hosmer hook, a V2P prehensor or maybe a Becker hand. Exceeds most of Otto Bock's specs ; )

And seriously. If you are after real work (maybe here) (or a lot harder, here or here), ask me, maybe I found out stuff that could help you. Just saying.

Also, the Otto Bock Movo2Hook lacks reliability over time for other reasons (link).


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2 thoughts on “Otto Bock's funny video (hooks after all? needle and thread benchmark?)

  1. Wolf-
    I recently received the Axon Hook from my prosthetist. It works much better than the Michelangelo hand that I have. It is much more responsive than the hand and I am able to use it to pick things up rather easily....And it is lighter. I am thinking of going back to my orthopedic guy to see if I can turn off the "co-contraction" feature on the hand. It is not on the hook, since there is only one grip. There is not the delay in the hook that the hand has when opening or closing.....Where the software is waiting to see what you are trying to do. I will say that the hand is a tank, and in over a year I have yet to break it, and I have only worn out one glove for it. I just wish I could get the software to allow me to tweak the axon interface.

    In any event, thanks for providing one of the few user experience sources of information that I have been able to find.
    Jenn Wagner

    1. Thank you for the information about the Axon hook. I just started to use Bob Radocy's TRS Prehensor since a good month, I got myself a new Hosmer hook 5XA (aluminum, non coated grippers) and I feel as if the grip option space for "real work" (I admittedly wear my prosthetic arm mostly for stuff even others find hard to do with two hands so no wonder prosthetic companies "complain") is currently expanding. I will say that the more I wear these different prosthetic arms, the more I find an intricate look at all aspects of one particular activity very relevant. The commonalities may emerge later or not at all and are rare, but if there is any common aspect about all devices it is that heavy is bad. I stop wearing heavy terminal devices real quick. And I find myself re-ordering and re-purchasing very light devices all the time. Like I wore down the nitrile surfaces of my Hosme 5XA and ordered an un-coated one now. These just get the job done, as ugly as they are.

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