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Der Cybathlon 2016 wurde bei den Armprothesen von einem Mann mit "Hook" gewonnen [#research #surprise #bodypowered]

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Is it wise to widen the clientele for prosthetic arms, and is it wise to get more crappy "bionic" arms publicly funded?

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The Cybathlon as iconic Trash Culture modern day Circus show: arm amputees, arms race and technical considerations regarding specific applicants [proper research domain assignment, pre-race evaluation of critical check points, detailed in-race grip analysis, cultural domain considerations, gonzo race report]

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DJ Hookie [interview]

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#userdrivendesign Prosthetic arm design: i-Limb Revolution versus customized body powered arm in a work environment combining bodily exertion, wide temperature ranges, wide body motion ranges, heavy workload and subtle grips [Cybathlon Symposium, Oct 6 2016, Poster A12]

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Real prosthetic arm research to finally resolve existing problems [research]

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HumanXDesign - headbanging does not hurt if there is no wall [media idiocy]

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Normalizing prosthetic arms and media: the role of 3D printing - official statement

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Disability as spectacle? [tracing everyday experiences to follow this proposed aspect]

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Prosthetic options and Yenga - intricate grip differentiation details [up close grip mechanics]

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What if Hugh Herr built prosthetic arms [development cycles, how to get better with engineering]

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Prosthetic arm / hook as "human enhancement" #cyborg #realprosthetics to handle meat / grill / frying pan (what transhumanists, bioethicists and media hypes tend to miss)

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Prosthetic Envy (discussion panel roundup)